Big Brad is the owner of the company Big Brad's Melons (BBM) and the farming property on 16 Farris Road, Big Brad's Melon Patch, which all of Big Brad's melons come from. The character Big Brad comes from a joke the developers had about a friend named Brad which involved him someday owning a wild watermelon patch.


Not much is know about Big Brad, mostly because he keeps to himself alone on his farm, other than the fact that he owns a highly successful melon company. He lives in the rural area of Plainfield, North-West of the city.

If players begin working in the Police force or the Forensics teams, Big Brad will be eventually become a well-known character.

Trivia (Spolier Warning)Edit

  • Thought the player may find key evidence that Big Brad is a murderer, he will not be convicted and return to his 'normal' life.
  • Big Brad is related to an American Horror Story reference on his property.